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Post by KC_Illuminati on Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:24 pm

I really want to inform you, that everyone here is part of a unique universal design. We empower each other with new knowledge and open understanding for change. To see a different world one must be acceptable to change.

Changing is a form of action that is always out of our control. Who is in control? Well we are, we are in control of only ourselves though. You must understand that most of every problem that gets presented in front of us, is usually because of our environment. Yes of course our actions have some part but in the short schemes of things, the problems end up being money.
If you ever understand money, then you understand the world. The world is ran by money, atleast the human world is. Go to school, to gain knowledge, to Drive a car, to go to work, to buy nice things.
The most beautiful things and the most peaceful places aren’t built around money or objects. Money was made by someone who said “this equals this much” but in the end it’s a dirty cycle that doesn’t gain us anything towards enlightenment, change, or good for the future. It’s a cycle that is never ending.

One day I hope the world understands that the enjoyment of being alive is enough to enjoy life. All you need is a sandy beach, a hammock, a coconut tree for delicious beverages, and good company. (I mean it’s all i need, everyone’s needs are different. But try to simplify or restrict your wants) Our bodies are pure energy, eating healthy and being active is a first step towards the pyramid of success because it’s showing you the simplicities on this planet that are natuarelly possible to obtain.

as we go into 2018, I just hope you all create a bigger awareness and understanding. Maybe the little things in life are all you need to live a good future.

-Kimberly Simpson


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YOU are important  Empty Re: YOU are important

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:16 pm

Empowering each other is the first step to true unity.

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