Abandon victim mentality and become a winner in life!

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Abandon victim mentality and become a winner in life! Empty Abandon victim mentality and become a winner in life!

Post by Astarte89 on Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:35 am

These are usually traumatizing early childhood experiences, that create victims among us and some can be only that for all their lives.
How to recognize it:
* Thoughts like "Everybody hates me", "Everyone is out to get me", "Dont trust anybody", "I have no friends", "No one understands me".
* Not really pursuing anything in life, too much free time to nag yourself about failures, dwell on the negative side of everything.
* It is very hard to even get out of bed in the morning, less then average energy level.
* Placing responsibility to others, "the enemies", giving power away to them (if only they wouldnt have done that, if only they would say sorry), seeking revenge and not trying to improve own life.
* It is also hard to go to sleep - all the past mistakes are haunting and sometimes afraid to sleep, because of the dreams that will mostly follow after the negative thoughts.

When all of the above applies, then sadly victim mentality has a hold of that person.

How to get over it:
* Attitude is the key. Change your attitude and the world around you changes. It is that simple.
Soon after that people will find that their worse enemies and those that were out to get them
have become their best friends, who offer honest critique when needed. And not classic "sunny"
when around you, but "rain on your parade" when they talk about you to others.
* Stop resisting people and situations that you dont like. If you can change something, then do it.
But if you cant but only cause more trouble, then dont do anything. Accept the way things are or how
someone is and let go of the negativity!
* It is a problem only if you think of it that way. There is always negative view point, but if you instead
take the problem as a valuable lesson, then it serves a positive purpose in your life.
* The world around us is our reflection. When you see a person or situation that bothers you, it indicates
a lesson is not yet learned. It can be patience, being well organized etc.
* There is no failure! Only learning opportunities. A quote from Thomas Edition:"While inventing a lightbulb,
I never failed - I discovered 99 ways in which it doesnt work."

Example: a short story about a shy teenage girl who was also pretty, but loved reading books instead of
talking to others. Her mother had a depression when she was little, so she always assumed worst
from the people around her. And hid from the real world, lived in the stories, fantasies.
Everybody thought she was arrogant and provoking. Some bullied, but there were
others who genuinely wanted to help and explain the situation politely: "Nobody hates you, be a little
more friendly and your problems will dissapear." However she took it the wrong way and thought even
the nice people were out to get her. She only understood what she did wrong when she was a grownup and
it began ruining her life at work. After changing her attitude towards others and healing the past traumas,
she realized that when you concentrate on the positive, things will generally take a positive turn.

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Abandon victim mentality and become a winner in life! Empty Re: Abandon victim mentality and become a winner in life!

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:48 am

A very good article as we need to become true winners and embrace the strength within!

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