Eliminate "I can't" from your vocabulary

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Eliminate "I can't" from your vocabulary

Post by dwelchjr on Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:53 am

There is one limiting mindset that can take anyone down. That is the belief that we cannot achieve something. This belief kept billions of our ancestors in the dark; yet for thousands of years the answer to our troubles has been right in front of us. It has been documented countless times by most religions throughout history. It has been taught, preached, prophesied, and (slowest form of realization) we evolved. "I Am" is the key to it all. Those two words have been taught to us for 6000 years of recorded history; but we just keep repeatedly forgetting our own power. The knowledge of "I am" is an open channel to the Creator in all of us. The Illuminati even displays that very secret for each and every one of us when they titled their book Illuminatiam: The First Testament Of The Illuminati. Try this on for size. "I am...[insert whatever you can dream of].

Here is my challenge to everyone out there:

Harness your inner creator and implement "I Am" into your daily mindset.

  • Quit thinking you are not good enough

  • Eliminate "I can't" from your thought process

  • Be stubborn and tenacious in your pursuits

  • Remember the thrill is in the entire journey, not just at the final destination

  • Remember you are never alone. The I AM spirit is responsible for all of this creation and always with you.

  • Dream big, make big

You can take this thought process up against any religion or belief system and it will not conflict one bit with teachings you may already know. "I am" is truly universal.

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Re: Eliminate "I can't" from your vocabulary

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:53 am

This is very true, your words can help you or hurt you.

Great post!

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Re: Eliminate "I can't" from your vocabulary

Post by Astarte89 on Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:00 am

Very motivational post, I could actually feel the positive energy.
It reminded me an old saying: If you can do better, then do better.
Life is not going to wait until people get themselves together,
it offers oportunities to prove ourselves right there and at that

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Re: Eliminate "I can't" from your vocabulary

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